The best option for occasional travellers, this is purchased in cash on board the bus and its price (special services excepted) depends on the number of zones crossed during the journey. This ticket does not offer a discount on transfers.

This is a wallet card that entitles the holder to an unlimited number of trips, providing the card has sufficient credit. This is ideal for frequent travellers, who benefit from its ease of use and cheaper fares.

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This card was introduced by the Malaga Consortium in 2012 to cater for the cumulative discount system applicable to large families.

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As a result of the interoperability project introduced in 2006, travel card users can travel within the areas covered by all of Andalusia’s Transport Consortia using a card issued by any one of them, enjoying all of the discounts and benefits available in the area in which the fare is paid.

To consult the fares applicable when using travel cards issued by other Andalusian Consortia in the Malaga area, click here. To consult the fares applicable when using the Malaga Consortium card in areas of Andalusia served by other Consortia, please visit their own web sites.

It consists of a virtual wallet accessible from the Consorcio Málaga mobile app through which you can make trips on routes in the Metropolitan Area using your smartphone with the Android operating system.

The project is in a beta version, so please consult the following link to obtain all the information on this new system, especially the lines in which it can be used.

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