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What is the Young Transport Card?2023-10-31T13:13:06+01:00

It is a personalized card issued by the Consortium for people under 30 years old age residing in Andalucia.

It is for personal use and non-transferable, so it has the photograph of the owner as well as his or her name and identication document number print on it.

Since when can I apply for this card?2023-10-31T13:18:18+01:00

Since January 1, 2022

What requirements must I meet to obtain it?2023-10-31T13:22:47+01:00
  • Be less than 30 years old

  • Be registered in Andalucia.

What advantages does it have?2023-10-31T13:24:50+01:00

It allows those under 30 years of age to enjoy a 25% bonus on card recharges.

If I am registered in another province, can I aply for the Málaga Youth Card?2023-10-31T13:26:15+01:00

No, applications from people residing in another province will be rejected, since we can only attend to and resolve incidents of cards that have been issued in the Málaga Consortium.

How do I know that my card belongs to the Málaga Transport Consortium?2023-10-31T13:27:45+01:00

The first digits in the card numbering begin with 04.

Where can it be used?2023-10-31T13:29:52+01:00

The operation is the same as the Consortium´s non-nominative card. It can be used on all means of transport covered by the Transport Consortiums of the metropolitan areas of Andalucía.

Where is it requested?2023-10-31T13:50:19+01:00

To request it for the firs time you can do it in two ways:

  • Telematically throug the following form available in your Website.

  • In person at the Consortium Office by appointment.

In both cases when the card is ready you will receive notification by email or SMS.

It will be send by post or picked up at the office as indicate in the application.

What documentation do I need to submit?2023-11-02T08:45:29+01:00
  • Form filled out and signed
  • DNI or NIE on both sides

  • Registration certificate only in the event that the address that appears on the DNI or NIE is different from the one that appears on the form.

  • Update photography.

Once I have applied for the card, can I track its status?2023-11-02T09:13:46+01:00
Yes, once the form is completed and signed, a notice will appear with the application identification number (ID). 
You must write it down to be able to follow the card processing process.
What if I have not written down the identifier?2023-11-02T09:12:55+01:00
No problem, because when the card is ready,  we will notify you by e-mail and/or SMS to send it by post to the address 
indicated or to pick it up at the Consortium offices by appointment.
What if the card takes longer than the notice indicates?2023-11-02T09:42:40+01:00
It is possible that due to some error in the postal address or other cause, 
the cards cannot be deposited in the applicant's mailbox, and may be returned to the Consortium office. 
You can contact us by email and we will inform you if we have received it.
What do I do when I receive the card?2024-02-02T11:05:15+01:00
You must go to a Consortium point of sale and activate the card.
Activation consists of purchasing and recharging the card. 
The purchase involves an initial disbursement of 1.50€ for management fees and the recharge is done for a minimum amount of 5€. 
In the same operation you must personalize the card indicating the number of jumps, just like the non-nominative card of the Consortium.
What do I do if I lose my card?2023-11-02T12:08:34+01:00
You must request the issuance of a new card through any of the two ways:
 The balance on the card cannot be recovered.
Do I have to provide all the documentation again?2023-11-02T12:13:45+01:00
No, you only need to provide an updated photograph, since the photograph you provided in the first application was automatically deleted in the card stamping process.
How many nominative cards does the Consortium issue?2023-11-02T12:18:51+01:00

The Consortium issues two personalized or nominative cards:

1. Large Family Card, for persons with Large Family status

2. Youth Card, for persons under 30 years of age.

What do the two cards have in common?2023-11-02T12:22:42+01:00
  • The use is personal and non-transferable; both cards are printed with the photo of the cardholder as well as their name and ID card number.

  • Multiple cancellations are not allowed.

  • Bonus on the recharge amount is applied.

  • When they expire they can continue to be used.

I have the status of Large Family, I am “Young” and I do not have a personalized card from the Consortium, which card do I have to apply for?2023-11-02T12:26:10+01:00

Either of the two, as the two bonuses can be accumulated on the same card.

What is the procedure to apply for the two bonuses?2023-11-02T12:48:19+01:00
  • Telematically through the following form
  • In person, by appointment at our office located at Alameda Principal, 11, 2nd floor.

In both cases, when the card is ready, you will receive notice that it will be mailed or picked up at the office, as indicated in the application.

I have the Large Family Consortium card and I want the Youth Card, what do I have to do?2023-11-02T12:58:19+01:00

The Consortium does not issue a new card, so you can request the activation of the Youth Bonus on the Consortium Large Family card you currently have.

How can I apply for the Youth bonus on my Large Family transportation card?2023-11-02T13:03:50+01:00
  • Telematically, through the youth card form; you must fill in the “Large Family card” field, with the number of the Consortium card you have, which begins with 04. Once validated, you will receive a notification of automatic activation of the requested bonus. From that moment on, the balance will be increased in the next recharge operation.

  • In person by appointment at our office located at Alameda Principal 11, 2nd floor; when the Consorcio has made the validation, the requested bonus will be automatically activated. From that moment on, the balance will be increased in the next recharge operation.

I have the Consortium Youth card and I want the Large Family card, what do I have to do?2023-11-02T13:06:14+01:00

The Consortium does not issue a new card, so you can request the activation of the Large Family bonus on the Consortium Youth card you currently have.

How can I apply for the Large Family discount on my Youth Card?2023-11-02T13:15:56+01:00
  • Telematically through the following form

  • In person by appointment at our office located at Alameda Principal, 11, 2nd floor.

    In both cases, when the Consortium has carried out the validation, the requested rebate will be automatically activated. From that moment on, the balance will be increased in the next recharge operation.

If all the members of the family unit apply for the F.N. Card, do those under 30 years of age have to make another application?2023-11-02T13:17:56+01:00

No, this can be indicated on the same application.

How much does a Bus or Metro ticket cost with the Consortium’s nominative cards?2023-11-02T13:20:38+01:00

The fares are the same since the discounts are applied to the recharges made.

How much does the balance increase with each recharge?2023-11-02T13:22:51+01:00

It will depend on the bonuses included in each card.
The Youth card has a 25% bonus on the recharge.
If you also have activated the Large Family bonuses, they will be accumulated but it will vary according to the condition.
– If it is general, it means an increase of 56.2% on the recharge.
– If it is special, it means an increase of 150% on the recharge.

Where will I see the result of the bonus?2023-11-02T13:26:17+01:00

On the transaction receipt or recharge ticket.

My Youth bonus has expired because I have reached the age of 31. Do I have to change my Youth card for another one?2023-11-02T13:29:51+01:00

No, you can continue using the same card. It will work as a non-nominative card of the Consortium, there will be no bonus on recharges but a great discount on the single ticket.

I cannot activate my Youth Card at the point of sale.2023-11-02T13:31:02+01:00

Only Malaga Youth Cards can be activated at the point of sale network in the area of the same municipality. If I try to activate a card from another Consortium’s area, it will not be possible to complete the purchase operation, and the card reader at the point of sale will display the message “error 125”.

If my card is configured for 0 hops, can I make trips of 1, 2 or 3 hops?2023-10-19T13:05:11+02:00

Yes, now it does not matter how many hops your card has. All transport cards in the Malaga area will adapt to the type of trip you make on all lines except the following:

How can I include timetables and news for Consortium services to a specific location on my website or in my blog?2022-02-21T08:39:29+01:00

We have developed a widget that can be used by any websites wishing to feature news and information about Malaga Metropolitan Area Transport Consortium services.

The widget, which can be personalised both in terms of content (language, maximum number of news items, etc.) and graphical appearance (dimensions, font size, colours, etc.) is designed to be integrated seamlessly into any website and keep all information about public transport services to specific locations within our metropolitan area constantly updated.

If you would like to install it, please contact us at for further information.

Can I use the travel card to use the Malaga Tourist Bus?2020-06-03T08:50:37+02:00

Indeed, in order to enjoy a discount on the Malaga Tourist Bus you only have to show your travel card and prove that you live in one of the affiliated CTMAM municipalities.

Can I enjoy the large family discount on Renfe’s suburban train service?2020-06-03T08:50:56+02:00

Indeed, to enjoy the discount you only have to use your discount card large family in the machines located inside the train stations.

How much does it cost to travel by Metro?2023-05-09T08:09:49+02:00
  • Ticket purchased in cash: €1.35
  • BonoMetro (Metro travel card): €0.33
  • Consortium Travel Card: €0.33
  • Consortium Large Family Travel Card: discount applied in accordance with current regulations
Where can I buy travel cards valid for use on the Metro?2020-06-02T14:40:02+02:00
  • BonoMetro: from any of the ticket vending machines located in the Metro stations.
  • Consortium Travel Card: from any branch of the Metropolitan Transport Consortium’s network of sales points.
Where can travel cards valid for use on the Metro be topped up?2020-06-02T14:41:08+02:00
  • BonoMetro: at any of the ticket vending machines located in the various Metro stations.
  • Consortium Travel Card; at any branch of the Metropolitan Transport Consortium’s network of sales points (available via the link below) and at the aforementioned vending machines.
If I live in Malaga and want to transfer from a local bus to the Metro (or vice versa), how many fare zone crossings should my Consortium Travel Card be configured for?2020-06-02T14:41:56+02:00

As all local bus stops and Metro stations are located within Fare Zone A, the cheapest option is to configure your card for 0 crossings.

Is there a discount on the fare when changing from the bus to the Metro?2020-06-02T14:43:21+02:00

Yes, if you use the Consortium Travel Card.

How much does it cost to transfer to/from Metro Malaga trains?2023-05-09T08:09:24+02:00

1. Changing from a local or long-distance bus to Metro Malaga:

  • The cost of the initial bus ticket depends on the number of fare zone crossings for which the Consortium Travel Card has been configured: zero crossings – €0.40; one crossing – €0.45; two crossings – €0.61; three crossings – €1.00.
  • The cost of the second ticket when transferring to Metro Malaga, again using the Consortium Travel Card, is €0.33.
  • Time of transferring to Metro Málaga depends on the number of fare zone crossings for which your travel card has been configured (see fares).

2. Changing from Metro Malaga to a local or long-distance bus:

  • The cost of the initial Metro ticket is €0.33.
  • The cost of transferring to a local or long-distance bus depends on the number of fare zone crossings for which the Consortium Travel Card has been configured: zero crossings – €0.40; one crossing – €0.0.45; two crossings – €0.61; three crossings – €1.00.
  • Time of transferring is 50 minutes.
If I use a Consortium Travel Card configured for one fare zone crossing because I am travelling from a town in Fare Zone B, how much will it cost me to transfer from a local or long-distance bus to a Metro Malaga train?2023-05-08T13:52:09+02:00
  • Outbound trip: Bus+Metro: €0,45 + €0.33 = €0,78
  • Return trip: Metro+Bus: €0.33 + €0.45 = €0.78
If I use a Consortium Travel Card configured for two fare zone crossings because I am travelling from a town in Fare Zone C, how much will it cost me to transfer from a local or long-distance bus to a Metro Malaga train?2023-05-08T13:51:25+02:00
  • Outbound trip: Bus+Metro: €0.61 + €0.33 = €0.94
  • Return trip: Metro+Bus: €0.33 + €0.61 = €0.94
If I use a Consortium Travel Card configured for three fare zone crossings because I am travelling from a town in Fare Zone D, how much will it cost me to transfer from a local or long-distance bus to a Metro Malaga train?2023-05-08T13:50:40+02:00
  • Outbound trip: Bus+Metro: €1.00 + €0.33 = €1.33
  • Return trip: Metro+Bus: €0.33 + €1.00 = €1.33
When do I use the Consortium Travel Card to buy my Metro ticket?2020-06-02T14:47:45+02:00

You must swipe your card in the station from which you begin your journey and again when you leave the station at your final destination.

How long can I travel on the Metro with the Consortium Travel Card for the price of one fare?2020-06-02T14:48:34+02:00

90 minutes. If this time is exceeded, a second journey will be charged to your card.

When do Metro trains run?2020-06-02T14:49:53+02:00

See the Metro Malaga website for timetables.

Do Metro train times change at certain times of year, such as Easter and the August Fair?2020-06-02T14:50:34+02:00

At Easter and during Malaga’s August Fair, and also when other events leading to increased demand are in progress, special services may be provided.

How often do the trains run?2020-06-02T14:51:29+02:00

See the Metro Malaga website for details of train frequency.

How much credit can I add to my Consortium Travel Card for use on the Metro?2020-06-02T14:52:19+02:00

As when travelling on local and long-distance buses, a minimum of €5 can be added to the card at each top-up; the maximum amount that can be stored at any given time is €500. It is important to remember, however, that if you lose your Travel Card, your current credit will not be reimbursed.

Are tickets issued on all modes of transport?2020-06-02T14:24:06+02:00

No – they are not issued on EMT local buses in the city of Malaga itself, nor when using the malagabici bicycle loan scheme, which aims to replicate the same system of payment employed by the aformentioned local bus services.

Likewise, tickets are not issued when the Travel Card is validated at the turnstiles of Metro Malaga stations.

What is the time limit for transferring from another mode of transport to a Metro train using my Consortium Travel Card?2020-06-02T14:37:06+02:00

Depending on the number of fare zone crossings for which your card has been configured, the time limits are as follows:

Fare CrossingsTransfer Time
050 min.
170 min.
290 min.
3110 min.
4130 min.
Can I use an EMT travel card on the Metro?2023-06-15T11:38:48+02:00

No. The only cards valid for use on Metro Malaga trains are the Bonometro, the standardlarge family versions   and youth card version of the Metropolitan Transport Consortium Card.

What is the Malaga Area?2020-06-02T13:10:23+02:00

The city of Malaga itself along with a number of provincial towns and villages which together make up its area of influence.

What is the Malaga Area Metropolitan Transport Consortium?2020-06-02T13:09:45+02:00

An association governed by public law whose purpose is to organise its various member adminsitrations into an integrated public transport network by creating and managing services and infrastructure that promote sustainable mobility.

Which administrations belong to the Consortium?2020-06-02T13:09:10+02:00

The Malaga Area Metropolitan Transport Consortium consists of the following administrations: The Andalusian Regional Government, Malaga Provincial Council, the local councils of  Malaga, Mijas, Torremolinos, Benalmadena, Rincon de la Victoria, Alhaurin de la Torre, Cartama, Alhaurin el Grande, Pizarra, Almogia, Colmenar, Casabermeja, and Totalan, plus the town of Alora, by virtue of a Collaborative Agreement with the Ministry of Public Works and Transport.

Can residents in the town of Alora enjoy the benefits offered by the Consortium?2020-06-02T13:08:23+02:00

Yes, thanks to the 2007 General Protocol agreement between the Consortium and Alora Town Council to prioritise the promotion of public transport.

Why aren’t the Consortium’s services available in my town?2020-06-02T13:07:23+02:00

The Consortium only provides its services in the Malaga Metropolitan Area and in Alora. Other towns and villages wishing to join the Consortium can apply to do so, as Alora Local Council did via a collaborative agreement.

Which bus companies belong to the Consortium?2020-06-02T13:05:31+02:00

Here is a list of all of the bus companies that work with us.

What are fare zone crossing?2020-06-02T13:31:08+02:00

The zones into which the geographical area served by the Consortium is divided in order to establish the fare to be charged for each journey.

How many zones are there?2020-06-02T13:30:21+02:00

The Consortium has divided its area of activity into 4 zones:

  • Zone A consists of the area covered by the local EMT bus company in the city of Malaga itself.
  • Zone B comprises Benalmadena, Alhaurin de la Torre, Almogia, Casabermeja, Totalan, Rincon de la Victoria, part of the town of Cartama and those areas of the city of Malaga not covered by EMT services, such as Olias and La Araña.
  • Zone C consists of Mijas, Alhaurin el Grande, Pizarra, Colmenar, and the area of Cartama not included in zone B, which starts from the Aljaima district.
  • Zone D is the town of Alora alone.
What is the Consortium Travel Card?2020-06-02T13:47:37+02:00

A wallet card equipped with a non-contact chip which offers reduced fares on transport services belonging to the Consortium.

Where can I purchase the Consortium Card?2020-06-02T13:46:55+02:00

The card can be acquired and topped up at any of the Consortium’s sale points located in each of its member towns and villages.

How much does the Consortium Card cost?2024-02-02T11:07:20+01:00

To obtain the card, a handling fee for card purchase operations of €1.50 is paid. The minimum top-up is €5, and the maximum amount that can be stored on the card at any one time is €500.

Where can I use my Travel Card?2022-01-25T11:29:16+01:00
  • On long-distance buses within the Malaga Metropolitan Area.
  • On local buses in Málaga, Alhaurín de la Torre, Benalmádena, Rincón de la Victoria y Torremolinos.
  • On the Malaga underground.
  • As a method of payment on Renfe suburban trains.
  • On the Malaga Tourist Bus (discount).
  • On the Seville underground and, in the near furutre, on the Granada undergrounds.
  • On all services provided by other transport consortia in Andalusia.

For further information, click on the following link.

How do I use the Travel Card when I board the bus?2020-06-02T13:44:44+02:00

Place the card near the reader on the ticket machine located next to the driver – the cost of the fare will be automatically charged. Witht he exception of EMT local buses, the machine will then issue a ticket indicating the amount deducted from your total credit, your remaining balance and the time limit for any transfers that may be required.

Does the Travel Card need to be customised or configured?2023-10-19T12:28:46+02:00

When purchasing the card, users must specify the number of times (0, 1, 2 or 3).

The price of the trip will be per origin-destination regardless of the configuration of my card except for the following lines:

How many people can use the same Travel Card?2020-06-02T13:43:22+02:00

A maximum of 15, provided no more than 3 minutes elapse between the payment of the first and last fares. However, the Large Family Travel Card may not be used by more than one person.

What is a fare crossing?2020-06-02T13:29:27+02:00

The act of travelling from one fare zone to another.

What is the maximum number of fare zone crossing that I can travel through using my card?2020-06-02T13:41:54+02:00

Special services aside, passengers can only undertake journeys involving a number of fare zone crossing equal to or less than the number of zones for which their card has been configured, e.g. a card configured for 1 zone change enables the holder to make trips involving 0 or 1 zone changes, never 2 or 3.

Can I change the number of fare crossings on my Travel Card?2023-10-19T11:57:56+02:00

Yes, you can do so whenever you top up your card or simply request a free change of customisation at any time.

This operation is not necessary, as the card adapts to any type of trip except for the following routes:

What is a transfer?2020-06-02T13:40:07+02:00

Where your journey involves using more than one service, a transfer is the act of changing from one bus to another. Provided the change takes place within the time limit indicated on the ticket purchased for the previous journey, you will enjoy a reduced fare on the next one.

What should I do if the Travel Card or ticket machine fail to work?2020-06-02T13:39:23+02:00

If no fare is charged when the card is placed near the reader, the driver will check that it has sufficient credit and has not been misused. If these two conditions are met, a reimbursable ticket will be issued.

What should I do if a driver mistakenly charges two fares to my Travel Card?2020-06-02T13:38:38+02:00

Firstly, ask the driver to cancel the extra fare on the ticket machine. If this is not possible, please contact the bus company providing the service.

What should I do if the card fails to work but appears to be in good condition?2020-06-02T13:37:51+02:00

Go to any official sale point and request a free replacement – any remaining credit will be transferred from the old card to the new one.

What happens if the card still has credit when I return it?2020-06-02T13:36:36+02:00

The card is an integrated travel pass and, as such, public transport journeys, not cash, are stored on it whenever it is topped up. For this reason, credit can never be refunded. However, as the card does not expire, you can use up any remaining journeys on any of the various transport services provided by the Consortium before returning your card.

Does the card expire?2020-06-02T13:35:00+02:00

No, it does not expire. Only the Large Family Travel Card has an expiry date for the special discounts it offers, though even after this date it may still be used in the same way as the standard Travel Card.

What is a standard ticket?2020-06-02T13:27:59+02:00

The ticket purchased in cash on board the bus, this is aimed at the occasional traveller. With the exception of certain special services, the fare is calculated in accordance with the number of zone changes involved. This ticket does not give passengers a fare reduction when changing buses.

Do I have to keep my ticket until the end of the journey?2020-06-02T13:27:17+02:00

Yes, because without it, you do not have compulsory passenger insurance.

Are there fare discounts for large families?2020-06-02T14:08:08+02:00

Yes, discounts on Consortium services were made available to large families in  2012 –  see our Large Family Travel Card section for details.

What happens if my Large Family Travel Card expires?2020-06-02T13:33:23+02:00

The card can be used in the same way as the standard Travel Card, though the specific benefits it affords holders will no longer be available.

Can I use my card on other modes of transport?2023-10-19T13:38:05+02:00

Yes, in addition to the intercity buses of the metropolitan area, I can use the urban buses of Malaga, Alhaurín de la Torre, Benalmádena, Rincón de la Victoria and Torremolinos, the Metro lines and suburban trains of Malaga as well as all the services of the other Andalusian Consortiums.

Where can I consult a list of Consortium bus timetables and stops?2020-06-02T14:09:17+02:00

In our routes and timetables section or you can also download our Consortium Malaga application in your Android or Apple mobile telephone.

Is there a mobile phone application that provides full details of Consortium bus services and timetables?2020-06-02T14:10:45+02:00

Yes – Consorcio Malaga, which is currently available for Android and Apple.

What should I do if I see a bus stop or shelter in bad condition?2022-02-21T08:40:07+01:00

The Consortium carries out periodic maintenance of all its street furniture; nevertheless, we are grateful to users who inform us of any incident or make any suggestions in this regard. If you wish to do so, please send an e-mail to, or complete our customer service form.

How do I report the loss of property while on board?2020-06-02T14:12:29+02:00

By contacting the company responsible for providing the bus service in question.

At what age do children no longer travel for free?2020-06-02T14:13:17+02:00

As each bus company has its own child fare policy, please consult each one for further details.

How can I identify the bus services which belong to the Consortium?2020-06-02T13:03:37+02:00

The buses can be easily identified thanks to the distinctive corporate image featured on the exterior of the vehicle.

Where can I consult a list of user rights and obligations?2020-06-02T14:13:58+02:00

In the Regulations section of our web page.

What should I do if I wish to make a complaint, suggestion or claim?2022-02-21T08:41:26+01:00

Any comments, complaints or claims regarding the service provided can be made in person at the Consortium’s head office or at the ticket window of the Muelle Heredia bus terminus, by calling our Customer Service Line on 955 038 665, by sending an e-mail to, or by dealing directly with the bus company concerned.

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