What is the Large Family Travel Card?

This card was introduced by the Malaga Consortium in 2012 to cater for the cumulative discount system applicable to large families.

The Large Family Travel Card card works in the same way as the Consortium’s standard card except that it is valid only for the person authorised to use it, whose details are recorded on the card itself, i.e. it may not be used to purchase tickets for more than one passenger.

The following discounts are applied when the card is purchased or topped up:

  • Large families falling into the standard category will receive a discount of 25%, which equates to 20% of the ticket price.
  • Large families falling into the special category will receive a discount of 100%, which equates to 50% of the ticket price.
How and where can I apply for the Large Family Travel Card?

By filling in the corresponding form at the electronic office or our headquarters of the Transport Consortium via appointment and submitting the following documents:

  • Properly filled out request form.
  • Original of a current ID Cards or NIE of the request’s applicant and beneficiaries.
  • If the applicant is other than the beneficiary, you must also submit an authorization for each beneficiary or legal tutor if they are minors.
  • A passport-size recent photo of each member of the family applying for the Large Family Travel Card.

In the card replacement, you must provide the original cards at the time of collecting the new ones.

You only may request the Large Family Travel Card renewal if the former one has been purchased. The application for renewal can only be made from the last month of validity of the bonus.

The Travel Card(s) will be ready for collection approximately one week after the aforementioned documents have been submitted, and, once purchased and topped up (with the corresponding discount applied) in the head office, may be used on the same transport services as the standard Travel Card.