This is a rechargeable travel card that allows an unlimited number of journeys to be made depending on the available balance.

This multi-modal, combined-use card provides users with the convenience of paying with a single card and reduced fares.

Where can I use the travel card?
  • On long-distance buses within Malaga’s Metropolitan Area.
  • On local buses in Málaga, Alhaurín de la Torre, Benalmádena, Rincón de la Victoria and Torremolinos.
  • On Renfe’s suburban train service – the card can be used to purchase tickets (single, round trip and ten trips tickets) from the machines located inside the train stations.
Temporarily and for technological reasons, Travel Card will be only used in the vending machines to buy single, round trip and ten trips tickets, and may require an additional cost of 50 credits for the support in which they are issued the tickets (“Renfe y tú” card). With Travel Card you cannot reload a “Renfe y tú” card, which you can only load in cash or with a credit card.
  • On underground trains in Malaga, Seville and Granada.
  • In those areas of Andalusia covered by other Transport Consortia (interoperability), where the fare system operated by each individual consortium will be applied.

Where can I get it and how do I top it up?

The card can be purchased at any point of sale affiliated to the Consortium. A handling fee for card purchase operations of €1.50 is paid.

In this operation, the card must be configured, indicating a number of jumps (0, 1, 2 or 3).

It makes no difference how many hops you want to configure the card with, as when using the card on the different modes of transport, the amount of the journey will be discounted by origin destination and not by the hops associated with it, except on the following routes:

Once purchased, the card is topped up with a minimum amount of €5. The accumulated balance on the card may never exceed €500.
This operation, if carried out at the points of sale (tobacconists, kiosks and bookshops), allows you to change the number of hops configured on the card (remember that this is necessary if you change the type of journey on the lines described above).
How does it work?
  • Once on board intercity buses, the driver must be informed of the destination of the journey, and then the card must be brought close to the reader of the fare cancelling machine, which will automatically deduct the corresponding amount according to the origin and destination, except for the fare cancelling machines located on board the lines described above, which will do so according to the number of jumps on the card.
  • The ticket machine will issue a ticket indicating the fare and type of journey, as well as the time allowed for the transfer.
  • Malaga city buses (EMT) and the turnstiles at Metro stations do not issue tickets.
  • The transport card allows multi-validation, so that up to 15 passengers can pay with the same card, provided that the validations are made within 3 minutes of the first one.
What to do if the card doesn’t work or the reader malfunctions?
  1. The user will present the travel card to the driver and will indicate the journey they wish to make.
  2. The bus driver will register the card number in the chip card machine and receive payment in cash for the amount of a single ticket corresponding to the desired route.
  3. A manual reimbursable ticket will be given to the user, on which the amount paid and the type of trip will appear.
  4. A refund will be issued within a period of not more than three months for the difference of the amount paid for the reimbursable ticket and the ordinary discounted fare for that trip. Said refund will be automatically made on recharging or correcting the credit on the card in a authorised sale point.

Journeys made using the travel card may be divided into stages. Any stage after the first will be counted as a transfer providing:

  • The passenger has not exceeded the time limit established for transfers to be made.
  • The passenger is not travelling on the same bus used in the previous stage of the journey.
  • The next stage of the journey does not exceed the number of fare crossings for which the passenger’s card is configured.
  • In the case of several passengers travelling together, their number is not greater than it was during the previous stage.
  • No transfer restrictions exist between the service used in the first stage and the one to be used next.

In addition, passengers on EMT local services in Malaga may change buses free of charge from the second stage onwards within a maximum of one hour starting from the beginning of the first local bus stage.

Transfer costs may vary in accordance with the mode of transport used for each stage of the journey – see our section on Fares.