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5 December 2019

Zurich Maratón de Málaga on Sunday, December, 15th will affect several Consortium bus routes

2020-07-22T12:26:36+02:00December 5th, 2019|

Málaga prepares its Zurich Maratón de Málaga next Sunday, December, 15th at 09:00 am. This running event will test the strength of the runners through 42 kilometers, with the following route: Because this race, it will be traffic cuts while runners pass, from 9:30 am to 13:00 pm, which will affect several Malaga Area Metropolitan Transport Consortium bus routes starting, finishing or stopping at Muelle Heredia Station: - Bus Route M-160 Málaga-Rincón de la Victoria-Cotomar: From 08:30 to 15:00, estimated race finnishing hour, this bus route would have some changes in its route across East Malaga area. - Bus routes M-110 Málaga-Torremolinos-Benalmádena Costa, M-113 Málaga-Las Lagunas- Fuengirola (Directo) and M-131 Málaga-Cártama From 08:30 to 15:00, estimated race finnishing hour, those [...]

22 October 2019

On Halloween, move on night bus!

2020-07-22T12:30:50+02:00October 22th, 2019|

The most terrifying things at Halloween night are not the Walkers, vampires or witches, or those trouble spots of blood and guts on your shirt. The worst things are trying to move around the city by car, trying to park or trying not to drink an alcohol potion, or zombies will eat your brain and wallet .... Don't be a mummy and use public transport to move on Halloween (October, 31st). By using bus route M-138/N-5 Alhaurín de la Torre-Churriana-Malaga (Búho), you could drag your bones from Alhaurín de la Torre, Churriana, Guadalmar and San Julián to Malaga Centre. Departing from Malaga at 01:30 and 03:30, and from Alhaurín de la Torre at 00:30 and 02:30. Also, terrific bus route [...]

20 September 2019

Romería de San Miguel in Torremolinos on Sunday, 22th will affect several Consortium bus routes

2020-07-22T12:32:20+02:00September 20th, 2019|

Malaga Area Metropolitan Transport Consortium informs you that due to Romería de San Miguel on Sunday, 22th in the town of Torremolinos, traffic interruptions will affect the service of the following Consortium bus routes: M-110 Málaga-Torremolinos-Benalmádena Costa M-112 Málaga-Mijas M-120 Torremolinos-Fuengirola M-121 Torremolinos-Benalmádena-Mijas M-123 Churriana-Benalmádena Costa M-124 Carola-Torremolinos M-125 Torremolinos-Patronato Urbano de Torremolinos. Línea T-1 Torremolinos-Aloha Urbano de Torremolinos. Línea T-2 Torremolinos-Playamar Romería's route is: Avda. de los Manantiales, Plaza Pablo Ruiz Picasso, C/ Río Arba, Avda. Isabel Manoja, C/ Pontevedra, Avda. Palma de Mallorca, Avda. Joan Miró, C/ Rafael Quintana Rosado, C/ Periodista Federico Alba, Cruce del Pozuelo to Los Pinares. The event will start at 09:00 a.m and is expected to arrive at 04:00 p.m. The service will [...]

19 September 2019

University Bus Services academic year 2019-2020 from September, 24th, stopping at Andalucía Tech

2020-07-22T12:33:52+02:00September 19th, 2019|

Next Monday, September, 24th, coinciding with the opening of the 2019-2020 academic year at the University of Malaga (UMA), will start the Malaga Area Metropolitan Transport Consortium University Bus Services, connecting the towns of Alhaurin de la Torre, Benalmádena, Mijas, Rincón de la Victoria and Torremolinos with the University Campus of Teatinos and Ampliación de Teatinos, as well as Hospital Clínico. This year bus routes will include in its itineraries bus stop Andalucía Tech, where customers would tranfer with bus route M Metrobus-Parque Tecnológico de Andalucía, the bus shuttle wich connect directly to Andalucia Technology Park. University services will be provided on school days, according to the academic calendar of the UMA. M-114 Mijas-Teatinos M-116 Benalmádena-Torremolinos-Teatinos M-143 Alhaurín de la [...]

16 September 2019

European Mobility Week 2019 in Malaga Area

2020-07-22T12:35:23+02:00September 16th, 2019|

From September, 16th to 22nd will take place the European Mobility Week, a campaign that wants us to figure out how we set our movements, raising the use of public transport, cycling, walking, etc. The slogan of this year, "Walk with us!" is focusing on 'safe walking and cycling' and the ways active mobility can benefit our health, environment, and bank balances. So, we all win: citizens, public and private sectors and society at large. Many European cities are promoting these ways of transport and investing in new infrastructure necessary for this. Malaga Area Metropolitan Transport Consortium (CTMAM) aims to achieve this goal of sustainable cities to live in, spreading the use of public transport among all citizens / residents [...]

6 September 2019

Winter timetables from September, 9th

2020-07-22T12:37:25+02:00September 6th, 2019|

Bus routes with increased frequency of existing bus services will end on September, 8th. From September, 9th, the following bus routes will return to their usual timetables: M-110 Málaga-Torremolinos-Benalmádena Costa M-119 Calahonda-Fuengirola M-120 Torremolinos-Fuengirola M-122 Fuengirola-Mijas (with reinforced services due to Feria de Mijas till September, 11th) M-156 Las Lagunas-Centro Comercial-Cerros del Águila M-160 Málaga-Rincón de la Victoria-Cotomar M-163 Málaga-Rincón de la Victoria-Cotomar M-168 Rincón de la Victoria-Málaga (Nocturno) M-220 Fuengirola-Marbella M-221 Fuengirola-Coín M-224 Calahonda-Cala de Mijas-Fuengirola Exceptionally, bus route M-320 Málaga-Marbella, M-260 Málaga-Vélez Málaga (por Torre de Benagalbón) and M-136 Cártama-Alhaurín de la Torre-Plaza Mayor-Los Álamos will extend its reinforcements until September, 15th, 30th and October, 30th, respectively. Further information can be consulted on our new mobile app Consorcio [...]

3 September 2019

Increased M-122 bus services due to Mijas Fair (september, 6th to 11th), increasing route to La Cala de Mijas

2020-07-22T12:38:15+02:00September 3th, 2019|

The Málaga Area Metropolitan Transport Consortium increases several bus routes during the Feria de Mijas 2019 (Mijas Fair), from September, 6th to 11th. Bus route M-122 Fuengirola - Mijas will increase its services: September, 6th, with departures from Fuengirola untill 00:15 and from Mijas Pueblo at 00:15, 01:15 and 02.15 September, 7th and 8th. Departures untill 00:15 (from Fuengirola) and each 30 minutes 21:15 to 02:15 (from Mijas Pueblo) September, 9th, with departures from Fuengirola untill 00:30 and each 30 minutes 21:15 to 02:15 from Mijas Pueblo. September, 10th and 11th. Departures from Fuengirola untill 00:30 and from Mijas Pueblo at 00:00, 01:00 and 02.00. Departures from Mijas Pueblo since 00:15 will finish in La Cala de Mijas if customers [...]

3 September 2019

Changes in several Consortium bus route timetables due to the VI Half Marathon MTB Cártama on Sunday, September, 8th

2020-07-22T12:39:02+02:00September 3th, 2019|

On Sunday, September, 8th will take place the IX Half Marathon MTB Prolongo of Cártama. A cycling test of 32 kilometers which will start at the Ciudad Deportiva in Cártama Estación, ending at Calle Juan Carlos I (Cártama Pueblo). Most of the route will pass through rural lanes and urban roads in the town of Cártama. The timetable set for the holding of the activity is from 10.00 to 14.00 hours. To ensure the safety of bikers, the circuit will be limited and fenced, and forbidden for vehicles from 09:00 until 14:30 hours. The cuts will affect timetables and regular routes of the following Consortium bus routes with departure, arrival or stop in Cártama: M-131 Málaga-Cártama M-231 Málaga-Pizarra-Álora M-344 Málaga-Tolox [...]

12 August 2019

Special Metropolitan Bus Services Feria de Málaga, August, 15th to 24th

2020-07-22T12:40:35+02:00August 12th, 2019|

Forget about traffic jams, accidents, fines, drinking tests, the price of petrol, how far you parked your car, etc… Come to enjoy the Feria in Málaga and leave all problems and your car at home. The Malaga Area Metropolitan Transport offers special services during the Feria 2019 between August, 15th to 24th, making it more accessible, cheaper, faster and safer to reach the Fairground from the towns of Benalmádena Costa, Rincón de la Victoria, Las Lagunas (Mijas), Fuengirola, Alhaurín de la Torre, Pinos de Alhaurín, Cártama Pueblo, Cártama Estación, Casabermeja, La Redonda, Álora, Pizarra, Colmenar and Torremolinos. These services feature routes and timetables tailored to your needs, from those to opt to leave early to those who stay up until [...]

5 August 2019

Modifications in several Consortium bus routes for works in Torremolinos from August, 6th

2020-07-22T12:41:59+02:00August 5th, 2019|

Malaga Area Metropolitan Transport Consortium informs us that, due to some works in Torremolinos Train Station, nearby street circulation will be affected for about seven weeks from August, 6th. These works affect the itineraries of several Consortium bus routes with departure, stop or arrival in Torremolinos Centro, so that timetables of the following bus routes could be affected: M-110 Málaga-Torremolinos-Benalmádena Costa M-112 Málaga-Mijas M-120 Torremolinos-Fuengirola M-121 Torremolinos-Benalmádena-Mijas M-123 Churriana-Torremolinos-Benalmádena Costa M-124 Carola-Torremolinos M-125 Torremolinos-Patronato M-126 Benalmádena-Torremolinos M-320 Málaga-Marbella Further information can be consulted on our new mobile app Consorcio Malaga (available for Android and iOS), on the Consortium’s web, on its official Telegram, Facebook , Twitter and YouTube page, or by calling the customer service line on (+34) 955 038 [...]

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