From September, 16th to 22nd will take place the European Mobility Week, a campaign that wants us to figure out how we set our movements, raising the use of public transport, cycling, walking, etc.

The slogan of this year, “Walk with us!” is focusing on ‘safe walking and cycling’ and the ways active mobility can benefit our health, environment, and bank balances. So, we all win: citizens, public and private sectors and society at large.

Many European cities are promoting these ways of transport and investing in new infrastructure necessary for this.

Malaga Area Metropolitan Transport Consortium (CTMAM) aims to achieve this goal of sustainable cities to live in, spreading the use of public transport among all citizens / residents and visitors as well. Therefore, has been organized school activities, quiz on social networks and other promotional actions of sustainable mobility.

Further information can be consulted on our new mobile app Consorcio Malaga (available for Android and iOS), on the Consortium’s web, on its official Telegram, Facebook , Twitter and YouTube page, or by calling the customer service line on (+34) 955 038 665.