The Malaga Area Metropolitan Transport Consortium, on the instructions of the Regional Government of Andalusia, will apply from January, 1st, 2023 a generalised reduction of 50% on all journeys paid for with the Transport Card, resulting in the following fares:

  • Zero-jump journeys: 0,50 €
  • One-jump journeys: 0,57 €
  • Journeys with two jumps: 0,76 €
  • Trips of three jumps: 1,25 €
  • Transfers: 0,33 €
  • Malaga Metro: 0,41 €

Those fares will be applied from January, 1st in all means of transport that are members of the Consortium Card, although in the case of interurban buses they will be applied from January, 16th, although the new discount will be applied retroactively.

These new fares have been reduced with an additional 20% discount compared to those introduced from September, 1st, 2022. Users who pay for their journeys with the Consortium Card on interurban buses between  January, 1st to 15th, will receive this additional discount by means of a compensation procedure that will be notified on our website and official communication channels.