Thanks to a collaborative agreement between the Malaga Transport Consortium and the Empresa Malagueña de Transporte (EMT), the Consortium’s travel card is now valid for malagabici. This is a bicycle loan system provided by Malaga City Council that was hitherto available to EMT travel card holders only.

Simply take your travel card (and photocopy) and ID Card/NIE number (original and photocopy) to the Consortium’s head office and fill in the corresponding form and contract. You will also be required to pay a fee of €10 to cover civil responsibility and accident insurance. Registration is free of charge for the first year.

To collect a bicycle from the corresponding pick-up point (“derbi”), make sure that the green light on the docking station is lit up and swipe your Consortium travel card through the reader. The first half hour is free.

To drop a bicycle off at the end of your journey, repeat the same process outlined above and return the bicycle to its docking station when instructed to do so.

It is important to make sure that the green light on the docking remains lit once the bicycle has been deposited.